Senior User Experience Designer

Full time, permanent. San Mateo, California location

Are you a talented designer who wants to help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives? Take a look at the Senior UX Designer position for Abide, the leading Christian meditation app.

As a Senior UX Designer, you will lead interaction design, visual design and research for Abide. You will understand the customer journey, conduct user tests, and form conclusions. You will lead brainstorms, design wireframes, test features through rapid prototyping, and create high-fidelity visual designs for launch. You’ll also clearly communicate your designs to developers and export all assets in their appropriate sizes and formats. You will manage a team of talented freelance designers to compliment your skill set. This position is ideal for a creative self-starter with strong mobile design experience.

Abide is the leading app for Biblical meditation. We’ve guided millions of people around the world in Biblical truth and personal reflection. We hear life-changing stories every day.

Great work environment

We are a startup in Silicon Valley, and will rely on your contribution to other areas as well, such as team culture, product requirements, data science and analytics, UX design and research, tools, and automation.

Located in San Mateo, CA, next to the Caltrain station. Have lunch every day at the office (provided by CEO and others), work remotely on Fridays, join our optional weekly devotional, and discover other healthy/fun activities as a team. We have unlimited vacation, health care, subsidized commute by public transportation, home Internet service, and more.

Minimum qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in design, art, psychology, or related disciplines
  • An eye for visual design; strong intuition about great user experiences
  • 5+ years of design experience, showcasing mobile UX design work that improved business metrics, like user activation, engagement, and conversion
  • Strong communication and problem solving skills
  • Passion for helping others grow in their spiritual life
  • Potential to manage freelance talent and work independently
  • High-proficiency in the design tools of your choice (Sketch, Illustrator, etc.)

Preferred qualifications

  • Ability to wireframe flows and experiences, make high fidelity mocks and create comprehensive redlines
  • Solid grasp of existing UI design guidelines for iOS, Android, and web: should be intentional about deviating from standard system UI components
  • Ability to design and conduct UX research studies, and analyze their results
  • Intuition about good information architecture, including content discovery
  • Ability to run UX brainstorming activities for a group of people and synthesize results
  • Ability to quickly prototype your own designs (e.g., Flinto, Principle, Framer, modified screenshots, high fidelity mocks, paper, etc.)
  • Previous startup experience
  • Willing to learn or do new things, such as a new design tool or medium


  • Own UX and visual design for all aspects of the Abide product, including usability, research, analysis, and prototyping
  • Clearly communicate with and support engineering to implement to spec
  • Contribute to product work: create product narrative, review design docs, hold design reviews, refine product requirements
  • Design marketing material for the mobile app, the web property, email campaigns, and social media
  • Design direction for Abide’s brand, including graphic design and photography
  • Manage projects, deadlines, deliverables and other design-team members


Cash and equity in growth stage startup based on experience

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Our headquarters is located at 15 N. Ellsworth St. Suite 210. San Mateo, CA 94401.

Posted on Jun. 19, 2019