What's It Like To Work At A Christian Startup? Follow A Day In The Life Of An Abider

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Christian startup? Abide is unique organization that’s part Silicon Valley tech startup, part Christian ministry, and part experiential media company.

We’re a team of ex-Googlers who are reinventing the way Christian ministry is done. Abide started 3 years ago, and we're currently a team of less than 10 full-time employees. Though we are small, we are mighty!

To get a glimpse of the Abide life, follow me (Joanna, Abide's Director in Marketing). I'll give you a preview into an average Abide Monday.

It’s Monday morning, and I arrive at our offices in Menlo Park. We’re in a suite amongst other offices.

Our doorplate says Carpenters Code, as that’s the overarching parent company of the Abide app.

I open to door.
I’m the first one in the office. Ahhh, that early morning silence.

I get some breakfast.
Meh, choosing healthy food today. Where are the bacon and waffles when you want them?

I sit at my desk and begin my workday.
I got over my list of to-do items in Asana, review any messages in Slack, and prioritize my goals for that day. I like being near the window and overlooking trees. Every day I feel like I’m at a Christian retreat because I see the greenery.

9:10- 9:30am
Neil and Eric arrive in the office. Usually, one of us gets to the office first.
Neil is the CEO, and Eric is the CTO. They are both Co-Founders who use to work at Google.

Fun team facts- Neil is a father of four children, two whom are adopted from Africa. He is a humanitarian who spent many years doing refugee work in Africa. Eric is an expert guitar player and star trekkie; he wears a man bun and thinks our office should dress nicer.

10am- 11am
We have our weekly leadership devotional time. We video chat with Drew, Abide’s Director in Spiritual Formation.
Drew is native Texan who lives in Dallas, and he previously founded and led Need Him ministries. Every two to three weeks he flies out to the Menlo Park offices and works from here. (He also has very trendy glasses).

This week we’re reading from Ecclesiastes. Eric forwards us devotional material that his home church uses.

Monday mornings are one of my favorite times as Abide. I really value being able to pray with my co-workers. I appreciate the authenticity and vulnerability in which each of us share.

11am- 11:30am
We have our leadership management meeting. We update each other on what we’ve done and what our goals for the week are- new product features, code reviews, marketing campaigns, pricing experiments, content creation, and more.
We take a final photo and say sayonara to Drew!

11:30- 12:30pm
Work time! Time to refocus. This morning I'm focusing on content partnership opportunities.

12:30- 1:30pm
Lunch time! Some startups order delivery every day. At Abide we cook our own food!

Neil is zee master chef, who is able to make tri-tip in a toaster oven. (True story, he does this) Our team never eats lunch at our desks; we always use the lunch hour to catch up with each other.

1:30- 3pm
Back to work. I research experiential marketing methods and look into video marketing. As Abide is an audio Christian mediation app, it's important to engage with our audience in a similar way.

I take a break to look at my fruit fly trap. Our office temporarily had a few fruit flies, and I was determined to get rid of them.
In addition to believing in Jesus Christ, I also believe in the power of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar plus dishwasher soap can kill fruit flies!

I continue to work. I work with contractors and consultants on a variety of things- designing assets for a seasonal campaign, analyzing user performance, revising marketing brand messaging, and more.

I peer over to see what the team is up to. Kipp (Abide’s rockstar iOS engineer and avid cyclist), Eric, and Neil are still hard to work.

We take a break to do jumping jacks and pushups.

On other weekdays, most of us go home around this time.

However, today we're preparing for the volunteer night. Two Mondays a month, people come to Abide to volunteer- write code, design user experiences, market new features, and more. Many volunteers work at nearby Silicon Valley tech companies. Usually anywhere from five to twelve people come. Here’s a photo of the volunteers from the early days:

In the early days of the company, people would gather and work at Eric's house.

Neil finishes cooking dinner for the volunteers.
Today's menu: chicken teriyaki, grilled vegetables, salad, soup, and bread.

We eat as more people trickle in.

We video conference with Beck, a design lead volunteer.

The designers are working on a journaling feature in Abide.

After about 1.5- 2 hours we close up shop for the night. We review work that has been done, in this case the progress on journaling.
After review, we always end the night in prayer.

We leave the office and go home!

Monday can be a full day with the volunteer evening, yet it’s so inspiring to see a team of believers come together and use our gifts to build the kingdom. At Abide, I feel like I’m working toward something greater than myself, and it’s refreshing to be on a team with smart and humble people.

Are you interested in working at Abide? If so, check out the openings on our job page. If you’re interested in volunteering, please email prayer@abide.is. We have volunteers who work on all things- engineering, product, design, marketing, operations, customer service, and more. Feel free to get in touch!