Want your children to have the right mindset? Try doing Christian meditation with them

I don’t make it a habit to quote fictional characters but there is one lovable animal that usually makes me think of the mass exodus known as “Back to School.”

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. ~Winnie the Pooh

If you are a parent, you can immediately relate to this sage advice. You want your child to comprehend every word. Going back to school requires bravery for some, strength for others, and smarts for them all.

And then the doors open and bells ring. Reality sets in. Your child is alone in that school – new surroundings, new teachers, new friends, and new obstacles. You pray for focus, wisdom, and understanding for your child but often, those get lost amid the hustle and bustle of the daily school grind.

You may be praying for your child to have a good day, but at Abide, we recommend your child join you in this prayer through meditating on the Word of God before the school day even starts. Get “soul-centered” to hear what God would whisper to you and erase the concern.

Did you know that research has proven that meditation can lower levels of anxiety in class room settings? That means more confidence, closer attention, and better grades. Christian meditation – a brief moment with God – every morning can be the difference between a good day and a bad day, happiness or sadness, A’s or F’s.

If you need more convincing about the power of becoming soul-centered and practicing Christian meditation for going back to school:

• 94% of Abide users who suffer from mild to chronic stress reported that Abide’s meditations help reduce their stress.

• 91% of Abide users with mild to chronic depression say that Abide helps relieve their depression.

• Over 80% of Abide users with sleep challenges say that listening to meditations on Abide helps them fall asleep better.

You want your child to be happy, have a good day, and of course, get all the A’s possible. We encourage you to consider reserving a few minutes of every morning to meditate upon God’s Word and sense his peace with you and your child for whatever the day will bring.

Check out our new five-day back-to-school meditation guide featuring scripture and prayers read by kids.

The Christian meditations are designed to remind children to turn to God for help when facing challenges both in and out of the classroom. Each five-minute guided meditation covers a new topic including anxiety, homework, bullying and praying for classmates even when it’s hard to do.

To try these meditations, click the button below to open Abide, and then choose the guide for school meditations.