What's The Secret To Lower Stress? Try Christian Meditation

New research suggests that Christian meditation can lower stress.

If you feel the weight of stress from work, finances or other challenges in life, you’re not alone. Over 80% of Americans report at least one symptom of stress. Recently, meditation has been promoted as a tool to relieve stress. Research from Harvard and other organizations suggest that mindfulness meditation can help reduce stress.

But does Christian meditation lower stress as well? Christian meditation is an ancient and common practice that centers on reading and reflecting on the Bible. Abide, which has guided over 4 million people in Christian meditation since 2015, set out to learn more about the impact of Christian meditation on stress.

In a survey of 216 people participating in Christian meditation on Abide, about 70% reported that they have mild to chronic stress, which is slightly lower than the national average. Over 94 percent of these people who suffer from stress say that Christian meditation helps them deal with this stress.

One of the key drivers to lower stress may be the perspective given during the practice of meditation. 65% of the people with stress said that Christian meditation helped them to gain perspective on stressful situations. Over two thirds of the survey respondents said that meditation helps significantly with reducing negative emotions.

Here are some ways that people reported Christian meditation helping them with stress:

  • “It provides peace and tranquility during stressful commutes.”
  • “They help me calm my anxious heart and remember how much God loves me.”
  • “My Abide app and pray helps me to calm down when I'm feeling upset.” - Elida

Anxiety, which is closely related to stress, is the most commonly played meditation topic on Abide. Overcoming Anxiety, one of the most popular meditation guides on Abide, helps people overcome the roots of their anxiety and practice effective coping mechanisms.

“Abide users have told us repeatedly that meditations very effective for helping them with anxiety,” said Neil Ahlsten, Abide’s CEO. “There's strong evidence that prayer and meditation gives people peace. The top two words people use to describe their prayer times on Abide are peaceful and encouraging.”

Want to experience an Abide meditation? Try this 8 minute meditation video for anxiety.

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