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New Christian Podcasts to Grow Your Faith

The practice of Christian Meditation helps us live with the peace of Christ. Find peace and rest during these guided meditations for mind and body with deep breathing, prayer, and scripture. We recommend using these new Christian podcasts as a daily devotional in the morning to center yourself on the truth in God’s word.

1. Praise for All Seasons

It can be really difficult to give God praise when the skies are gray, but Psalm 150:1-6 instructs us to praise the Lord in all seasons of life. While you typically think of the seasons of the year, our lives have seasons too. Seasons of joy, followed by seasons of sadness; seasons of grief, near seasons of celebration. You may not always feel like praising God, but your emotional status and external circumstances should not control your praise. To rejoice is a choice. While this worship may feel insincere to some, you’re simply choosing to see beyond the now. Click play below to embrace the larger truth and choose to praise Jesus throughout all seasons of life.

2. Be Not Afraid

The unknown can be scary, but as Christians, we’re reminded to fear not, again and again throughout the Bible. As you listen to this guided prayer, grab hold of God’s hand and let that promise sink in. You are never alone. Through every dark turn, rocky path, and uncertain step, hold fast to his hand and inhale the holy presence of the Lord, as you exhale your ever-consuming worries. Fear is a natural human emotion, not a lack of faith. Click play below to begin this Christian Podcast, admitting that you’re struggling with fear, allowing room for God’s divine intervention, and strengthening your faith.

3. God Our Rock

If life feels particularly stormy right now, this Abide Christian Meditation will ground you in God’s refuge. In times of crisis, finding stability is key to maintaining composure. Take this opportunity to press pause from the fear and anxiety that comes from the unexpected, opening your heart to the Lord. Give it all to God, no matter what you’re going through. While it can often feel like your world is being tossed by overwhelming waves, know that you are anchored in this truth—God is a rock. As you click play and meditate on the words of Psalm 62:6, remember that you will not be shaken, regardless of uncertainty.

4. Running Towards Righteousness

Following Jesus is not a passive endeavor. God calls us to be active as Christians—to fight the good fight with endurance. As you grow in your faith, there are some things to run away from—pride, temptation, greed—and others to run towards—love, righteousness, gentleness. As you click play and listen to this podcast, we invite you to think about the direction you’re running. If you need to change your direction, God is right there, ready to help you with the companionship of the Holy Spirit. We are weak and prone to wander, but as we look towards God for help, we will begin to run towards God too.

5. Christ Defines Your Worth

If events in your past are robbing you of peace and joy, you’re not alone. Fortunately, God’s grace is more powerful than the past. As you listen to this podcast, let go of your past with every exhale. Stop obsessing over what you once were, but rather, remind yourself of who you are in Christ—a new creation. God promises to always forgive our sins, so there is no reason to live in guilt or shame. Click play and let’s thank God together, knowing that we are worthy and can rest easy in his eternal grace.

If you’ve added any of these Christian podcasts to your daily devotional or Bible study, let us know in the comments. We hope these meditations help you to live better in Christ’s peace and help you grow closer to God. To stay up-to-date with all of the latest content, be sure to subscribe to Abide’s Christian Meditation Podcast.

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