The Case for Life: Review

My mind EXPLODED when I finished reading the last chapter. In section one, Scott Klusendrof makes the objective case from the science of embryology and philosophy that the unborn are human and thus worthy of protection in the mother's womb. It touched my heart!

Author Klusendorf provides intellectual foundation for the pro-life spiritual convictions that most Christ followers possess. I love the fact Klusendorf provides the scientific case for the humanity of the unborn and the objective moral wrongness of killing them. It gives pragmatic tips for refuting arguments of the the pro choice groups and gives pro-lifers solid reasoning to allow a solid offense of the unborn.

This book includes:

Part 1: Pro-Life Christians Clarify the Debate
Part 2: Pro-Life Christians Establish a Foundation For the Debate
Part 3: Pro-Life Christians Answer Objections Persuasively

This book is a MUST READ for all Christians-- regardless of your spiritual knowledge. Evidently, this book will help you love people how God loves them.

Get started now by finding the value of life in Christ.