Steer Clear of Cancer with Abide

Easter is just a few weeks away, which means we are right in the middle of the season of Lent. Whether you’re giving up something to strengthen your relationship with God, or giving back to your community, we’re right there with you. Maybe you’ve been following along with our 40-day R+R series for Lent, ‘In the Wilderness’? Each day of Lent, we’re sending you encouragement – available only on the Abide app. If you missed it, click here to listen to the latest content.

And speaking of giving back, if you’ve been following us on Instagram, you may have seen a few stories about a new partnership we’re really excited about.

It’s Lent of course, but did you know that March is also National Colon Cancer Awareness Month? 

We’re partnering with the #CheckIt4Andretti foundation, Cancer Kinship and UHSM to spread the word about the importance of regular cancer screenings. 

After his initial colorectal cancer diagnosis in 2017, John Andretti, veteran NASCAR racer, rallied his family, friends, and fans around the hashtag #CheckIt4Andretti – spreading the importance of colonoscopies for early prevention. 

In early 2020, John lost his long, hard fight to cancer. Fortunately, his legacy lives on.

Just a year later, the Andretti family launched the CheckIt4Andretti Foundation – raising awareness for early cancer detection and prevention, along with funds to help people in need afford a colonoscopy. 

And, we’re so excited to welcome John’s son, Jarett Andretti to the Abide podcast this week. To listen to the latest episode, just click play below.

Listen to “Coping with Cancer With Jarrett Andretti & Yoli Origel” on Spreaker.

On the podcast, we’re talking to Jarrett and Yoli Origel – founder of Cancer Kinship – about colon cancer awareness and coping with cancer.


Because colon cancer is deadly, but early prevention and detection can literally save your life. 

John’s sister, Carolyn Andretti Molander, said it best. “Through John’s battle, we have seen first-hand that early detection can save lives,” she explains, “There are too many out there who wait to get screened for reasons related to finances and insurance rules and, in some cases, it has cost them their lives.”

Not anymore. The CheckIt4Andretti Foundation is fighting to make sure that everyone at risk has access to life-saving screenings and early detection.

We, here at Abide, could not agree more. The statistics are staggering.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women. 

And, the lifetime risk of developing colon cancer is 1 in 23 men and 1 in 24 women. 


Are you ready to join the fight and #CheckIt4Andretti? 

We are, and we want you to Steer Clear of Cancer.

Here are 3 easy ways to help.

1. Listen to our latest podcast with Jarrett Andretti. Don’t forget to hit subscribe!

2. Head to the app store and download Abide now. Look out for more content with Jared Andretti on the app too!

3. Donate to Colon Cancer Awareness and be entered to win a trip to Orlando and a private race session with Jarrett Andretti. Just text GIVE to (757) 530 5883 or click here to give online.  

Of course, we also encourage you to go get screened for cancer too. Together, we can Steer Clear of Cancer.