Review: When the Vow Breaks

No one gets married thinking that someday they will get divorced, but the truth is, it happens sometimes. - Terry Nunn

Terry Nunn holds nothing back as he shares his personal, painful journey loving someone who didn’t love him back in his book When the Vow Breaks.

He relates with others who have experienced hurt, betrayal, and deception in a marriage that ends in divorce and shares how his dependence on God was key during his journey.

Unashamedly, Terry talks about the importance of doing the right thing in marriage, even if your spouse is doing the wrong things.

He encourages the reader to do everything possible to make the relationship work and therefore, to live without regrets no matter how things turn out.

In the end, Terry shares 10 Life Lessons that he learned through his experience in hopes of helping others avoid making the same mistakes and offering tips for those who find themselves in similar circumstances.

From a practical standpoint, this book is a quick and easy read that will keep you turning the pages to find out how recovery from divorce is possible.