REVIEW: The Purpose Driven Church: Every Church Is Big in God's Eyes

The church is the Body of Christ, and each member belongs to the others and exists for the benefit of the whole group. In The Purpose Driven Church, author Rick Warren, pastor of megachurch Saddleback Church, shares the importance of community and connection among members of the congregation in order to successfully complete the purpose of the church.

Although this book is fantastic for church ministers and pastors, it’s equally helpful for church members and laypeople to understand the 5 main purposes of the church as well. Warren not only discusses the important elements needed for a successful, growing church but also how to create a church full of healthy, compassionate members who care for one another.

The easy-to-read book is organized well and offers suggestions and examples to create a more dynamic, inviting, mission-oriented, church that is aligned with God's purposes. If you’re ready to take your church to the next level in every way while clarifying its purpose and igniting its passion, The Purpose Driven Church is a great way to invest in your church’s success. Get started with this great read today!