REVIEW: The Lifegiving Home

Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming

Mother and daughter, Sally and Sarah Clarkson, teamed up to write The Lifegiving Home. No matter where you are in life -- new mom, raising teens, single lady or empty-nester -- you’ll find beautiful ideas to create an atmosphere that is relaxed, supportive and welcoming not only to your family but to everyone who enters your home.

The authors share practical tips about routines, rituals and traditions and why they’re important. They also talk about how to make everyday moments matter; for example, dancing while doing the dishes or sipping coffee together can go a long way to fostering special, meaningful relationships in the future.

I promise that this book will change your perspective of your home and its purpose. Each page will inspire and instruct you how to build a safe and encouraging home as a ministry to those around you. If you’re wanting to transform your home from just a physical structure into a safe and comfortable sanctuary for your family and others, then you owe it to yourself to grab a copy of The Lifegiving Home today!