Review: The Gift of Forgiveness

If you’ve been hurt by others and find it difficult to forgive, or if it’s hard for you to accept God’s forgiveness, then you need to read The Gift of Forgiveness by best-selling author and pastor Charles Stanley.

You’ll have a new realization of God’s love and grace toward you and how you can extend it to others. Stanley explores the idea of forgiving from the heart and freeing yourself from past hurts and offenses, whether real or imagined.

He also helps you understand the consequences of unforgiveness through simple and direct anecdotes and how to break free from holding on to grudges.

Stanley helps you realize your responsibility in the process of forgiveness and how you can free yourself from the prison of bitterness and resentment.

This straightforward book will show you how forgiveness really works so it becomes easier to both give and receive it, and so you can experience new levels of freedom and insight about forgiveness.