REVIEW: The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life

If you do well in your spiritual life, but you struggle with taking care of your body and health, then Pastor Rick Warren’s book The Daniel Plan will be life-changing for you. It’s a down to earth, practical and effective plan to help you achieve your weight and wellness goals.

The plan consists of the 5 essentials, which all begin with the letter F: faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends. Warren gives practical tips for fitness and nutrition along with scriptures to help you depend on God’s strength instead of your own.

He also offers advice to help you stay focused short term and long term to prevent you from becoming distracted along the way.

My favorite aspect of the book is his emphasis on community. It’s a lot easier to lose weight, work out and get healthier with friends. The accountability and encouragement you receive (and give) can make a real difference.

The 40 days of meal plans toward the end is icing on the cake! So join with thousands of others who have lost weight and improved their health with The Daniel Plan.