REVIEW: Never Unfriended

The Secret to Finding and Keeping Lasting Friendships

Friendship among women can be sticky sometimes, especially in this day and age when you can unfriend someone with a touch of a finger on a screen. But in Lisa-Jo Baker’s book Never Unfriended, she authentically shares about the ups and downs of friendship in her own life and explains how vulnerability and commitment have been real game-changers for her.

She explores the reasons why meaningful friendships can be so challenging among women, and she challenges them to evaluate the status of their friendships.

It takes effort to find others to do life with, but it’s worth it. Baker weaves biblical truth throughout the book to guide women how to relate with each other and build lasting, meaningful relationships.

She also encourages women to be real and authentic with each other -- even if it’s messy.

If you could use some help in the friendship department, be sure to pick up this insightful and practical book. I promise it will improve not only your current friendships but also help you to be a better friend too.