REVIEW: Finding God's Path Through Your Trials

His Help For Every Difficulty You Face

In Finding God’s Path Through Your Trials, author Elizabeth George doesn’t just tell you what to do when you face difficulties; she shows you who you can become in the midst of them. The book is divided into 3 sections that explain how you can progress through trials: becoming a joyful woman, becoming a stable woman, and becoming a mature woman.

This book encourages you to focus on God’s faithfulness and to trust Him no matter what. She reminds you that God never leaves you, and He holds you when no one else is there to hold you. He always answers your prayers, but sometimes His answer is “no” because He has a better plan.

I really enjoyed this book not just because George uses lots of personal examples and it’s a fairly easy read but also because it gives solid biblical principles for enduring trials.

George’s book helped me find emotional healing through encouragement from a godly perspective.

Whether you’ve lost your job, are dealing with relationship challenges or are facing an unwanted diagnosis, this book can help you gain perspective and increase your faith and trust in God as He sees you through any difficulty. If you’re ready to find God’s path through your trials, be sure to get a copy of this life-changing book today!