REVIEW: Everybody, Always

Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People

Bob Goff speaks candidly and passionately about how to become love in a world where there are difficult people to love. In Everybody, Always, Goff reminds readers that “Love isn’t something we fall into; love is someone we become.”

This book is full of little nuggets of wisdom that I felt compelled to put into practice right away.

Perhaps my favorite message of all was this: Throughout Jesus’s ministry, He taught us to love the sinner and those we don’t get along with; after all, everyone is fighting a battle and needs love and grace, even if it doesn’t appear that they do.

You never know what someone is going through. So, love everybody always.

If you’re like me, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry as you read through the touching stories and heartfelt challenges to always love everybody -- especially those you disagree with.

If you’re ready to step up your love game and become love to everyone around you, be sure to get your copy of Everybody, Always now.