Review: Boundaries in Dating Participant's Guide

Establishing healthy boundaries is important whether you want to improve your relationships with the opposite sex or enjoy better dating experiences.

In Boundaries in Dating Participant’s Guide, Henry Cloud, psychologist and best-selling author, takes you on a journey of self-discovery paired with wisdom and insight.

Cloud explains how boundaries in dating help you to protect yourself while honoring the person you’re dating at the same time. Establishing biblical boundaries empowers you and helps you avoid common dating mistakes.

Cloud helps you solve dating problems depending on whether you’re part of the problem or your partner is. Additionally, he clarifies the purposes in dating as well as how to decide who you should or should not date.

If you’ve been hurt in past dating relationships and struggled with establishing healthy boundaries, this honest and down-to-earth guide can help you avoid dating misconceptions and pitfalls while putting clear guidelines in place for more successful relationships.