REVIEW: Beach Rental

By Grace Greene

This heartwarming story that takes place on the shores of North Carolina is a beautiful, romantic story about taking a chance on someone because you just might change their life.

Author Grace Greene develops a refreshingly unique storyline that involves twists and surprises in the plot that will leave you intrigued and unable to put the book down, wondering what will happen next.

Although the aspect of faith is woven throughout the novel, neither is it shoved down your throat. My favorite quote of the book is "Sometimes you have to trust people. Sometimes you have to -- you have to have faith."

Just like in real life, characters discover that things don't always turn out as they want; they turn out for the best at that time, so trust is required.

This touching story illustrates what true, unselfish love is in its purest form. Beach Rental explores how friendship grows into innocent love, losing love, discovering faith and trusting despite hardship, and beginning again.

If you’re looking for a hopeful story about life, love, death, faith, and human kindness that is clean enough to share with your teenage daughter, get Beach Rental for yourself today!