Review: Reset

My mind WAS BLOWN AWAY when I finished reading the first chapter. David Murray offers men hope for the future, helping them identify the warning signs of spiritual burnout and offering tangible strategies for developing patterns that are vital to live a grace-centered life and reach the finish line with utmost joy.

Murray identifies the latent legalist that resides in every follower of Christ, that side that desires credit for a job done, points for faithfulness in ministry, or admiration for efforts expended in God's Kingdom. Grace is the solution. I love the fact Murray teaches practical tips for spiritual disciplines, time management, exercise, and diet.

This book embraces these features:

  1. Biblical: it is all centered in Scripture.
  2. Transparent: author Murray is as vulnerable as he can be. We all need grace and it so inspiring!
  3. Practical: pragmatic steps to revitalize the most burned out believers.
  4. Gospel-Centered and Grace-Saturated: rest comes from the Lord.

    This book is a MUST READ for all Christians-- regardless of your Biblical knowledge. Without a doubt, this book will help you slow down and drink from the spiritual milk of grace.

Get started now by finding sublime rest in Christ.