Stressed Man Seeking Help with Prayer

Proven Centering Prayers to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

When your mind is consumed with anxious thoughts and your stress is spiraling out of control, click play on one of these guided meditations for anxiety and stress to center yourself on God—remembering that he is in control, always.

1. Completely Calm

If your heart looks like a hurricane—storming with thoughts of your rocky relationship, a stressful conversation with your boss, or an impending decision—God invites you to remember that he is with you during every storm. Jesus wants to speak these words to you today: Don’t be afraid. Whether it’s to calm the storm around you or simply calm your heart, God’s power is greater than any storm. Click play below and follow along with this meditation for stress, as you’re reminded to trust God above all else.

2. Defeating Fear

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place we never imagined we’d be, and that can be really scary, especially when we can’t see a way out. While being afraid isn’t necessarily bad, since it can often keep us safe, God doesn’t want us to live in fear. As you click play and listen to this prayer for fear, be reminded that no matter what you’re going through, God is for you. He walks with you through everything—even the scariest, darkest, or most discouraging paths. With this meditation, learn how to turn your fearful “what ifs” into faith-filled “even ifs”, as you hand it all over to the almighty God.

3. Be Still

As you listen to this prayer, God invites you to be still—setting aside your never-ending to-do list. In these moments, simply let quiet and stillness shape your soul. Rest in the trust that God will always provide for you, as you quiet the chaos of your soul. Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed by stress. With new mercies every morning, God’s unwavering, freely-given love is all you need. Click play and follow along with this guided mediation—coming before the Lord just as you are and never pretending to be perfect. In the moment, be honest with God, knowing that surely he’ll never turn away from you.

4. Confident in God

It can be easy to place your confidence in your health, your education, your job, or even your car, but Thessalonians 3:5 reminds us to place our confidence not in human plans, but in the Lord himself. Click play and ask God to transform your heart, submitting to his plans, rather than your own. As you take a few grounding breaths, settle into the presence of God. Confident in his presence and power, exhale the stress and worries that are keeping you from hearing God.

5. Don’t Worry

Worry can paralyze you. It can wake you up in the middle of the night and steal your rest, or steal you from taking that next step—clouding the way with “what ifs”. In his famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reminds us that God sees and cares for even the smallest of his creation, so of course he’ll take care of his children. As you follow along with this powerful prayer, tell God what worries you. When we concern ourselves with seeking the kingdom of God, we stop seeking after the things that satisfy the short term. Then, we can lay all of our worries at the feet of the one who works all things—even the bad ones—for the ultimate good of those who love him.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and racing thoughts, pause what you’re doing and click play on any of the above meditations. Let us know in the comments how God is working in your life through these prayers.

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