"Praying The Names of God" by Ann Spangler

Do you know one of the most beautiful words in the English language? The word that grabs and holds your attention more than any other? The word that you never tire of hearing? Your name! Those magical three words that separate you from those around you. Your name!

Have you considered that God responds in much the same way you do when He hears his name mentioned?

In the bible, names were often thought to reveal the essential nature and character of a person. This is so true regarding the various names of God. By revealing his name, God made himself accessible to us.

The “Praying the Names of God” Guide from author Ann Spangler on Abide will help you explore how knowing and praying God’s name is to enjoy a kind of privileged access to him. Listen to this first SAMPLE and then join Abide to hear the entire series. You can also subscribe to her new reading plan on the YouVersion bible app.

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Ann’s book is a twenty-six-week devotional study that explores the primary names and titles of God in the Old Testament to reveal the deeper meanings behind them. El Shadday, Elohim, Adonay, Abba, El Elyon―God Almighty, Mighty Creator, Lord, Father, God Most High―these are just a few of the names and titles of God that yield rich insights into his nature and character. Praying the Names of God will show you how to study and pray God’s names by focusing each week on one of the primary names or titles of God.

Praying the Names of God is a unique devotional, one that offers a rich program of daily prayer and study designed to lead people into fresh encounters with the living God.

I hope you enjoy the Guide introduction...“Praying the Names of God” on Abide.

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