Olympian Superstar Lolo Jones

Olympic Superstar Lolo Jones’ Go-To Breathing Meditations

She’s a three-time Olympian with three World Champion titles, but like so many of you, Lolo Jones uses Abide meditations to get her through some of life’s toughest hurdles. Over the next few months, we’re teaming up with Lolo to bring you exclusive content on the Abide app, including our new guided breathing series. 

Born August 5, 1982, Lolo Jones is one of just 10 Americans to compete in both the Summer and Winter Olympics—winning World Champion titles as both an olympic hurdler and bobsledder. It hasn’t been an easy ride though. After narrowly missing a qualifying spot on the Olympic Team in 2004, Lolo made her debut at the Beijing Games in 2008—losing the gold medal by just a single hurdle. 

Fast forward four years, just months before the olympics, Lolo is rallying from a spinal surgery, but makes the team—finishing fourth and nearly landing a spot on the podium. In 2014, Lolo secured her spot on the Bobsled team, but finished in 11th place at the Winter Olympics. The next few years were far from easy, as Lolo tackled injury, rejection from the 2018 Olympic team, and then COVID delays. 

But in 2021, over a decade since her last World Champion win—Lolo wins the World Championships for Bobsledding. “11 years since my last World champs medial. 11 years of hate,” Lolo recalls, “Ignore them all. Keep grinding.” 

Along with her strong Christian faith, Lolo has leaned on meditation and breathing to find peace. We’re beyond excited to launch Abide Breathe—featuring two exclusive breathing exercises led by Lolo Jones. To access all of our new breathing content, click here.

1. Relaxing Belly Breathing Meditation

Click play and follow along as Lolo takes you through her everyday go-to breathing exercise for centering yourself and focusing on what’s in front of you by bringing you closer to God. As you close your eyes and relax into your breathing, feel the stress of your day or the chaos of your week melt away. 

2. Anixety Relief Breathing Meditation

When overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, Lolo turns to breath to find a place of peace. In this guided breathing tutorial, Lolo shares her favorite breathing exercises to calm an anxious mind and experience long-term relief from anxiety. Find a place to lie down, click play, and close your eyes, as you follow along with Lolo and wait for the Lord’s freedom from fear. 

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