Meditation Helps Fight The World's #1 Illness

Christian meditation is one of the best ways to fight the world’s leading illness.

According to the World Health Organization, depression is now the world’s leading cause of bad health and debility. More that 300 million people live with depression, up 18% over a 10 year period. It turns out that one unlikely practice has been particularly helpful for depression -- guided Christian meditation.

Guided Christian meditations combine reflections on scripture with present life circumstances. Abide, which has hosted over 25 million Christian meditation sessions, has helped people like Kathleen, who has suffered from depression and fear most of her life. Kathleen listens to Abide’s meditations through her Android phone, and she shares how these meditations have made a difference in her life

"Abide has helped me to calm down and trust the Lord." - Kathleen

Kenny, another Abide member, uses Abide’s meditations to help cope with depression and daily battles anxiety. He has found Abide so helpful in a personal way.

“I feel like God put Abide in front of me just for me!”

Abide has daily scriptural meditations and a wide variety of topics like men and women’s issues, anxiety, sleep and spiritual growth. It has ranked in the top 10 iTunes apps for depression for over a year.

Christian meditation has numerous other benefits. When we asked people who experienced meditations on Abide to described their experience, the number one word people shared was ‘peace.’ Meditating on God’s word facilitates a deep sense of closeness with God, and helps us live in the peace of Christ.

If you’re curious about Christian meditation, try this below meditation video on finding peace in hard times.

And to have access to 1,600+ meditations on your phone, check out the Abide app.