Abide helps Larry in the high school classroom

In our next ambassador testimony, we share Larry's story of how Abide has impacted his life. In addition to using Abide for his personal meditation time, Larry also uses Abide when teaching high school students.

Name: Larry

Age: 68

Location: Los Osos, San Luis Obispo County, CA

Family members: Wife, Hilary. Four adult daughters three of whom are married. Five grandchildren.

Occupation: Band Director and Music Teacher at Mission College Prep High School

Hobbies: My work at the high school is a lot like an enjoyable hobby that I happen to get a paycheck for.

How did you come to know Jesus?

My relationship with Jesus began when I was about 12 years old under the loving guidance of a parish priest who steered some of us youngsters away from memorized prayers and toward having conversations with our “Heavenly Dad”. This really resonated with me and has to this day. We talk a lot.

How has God been working in your life recently?

Everyday in my classroom and bandroom. I’m blessed to work in a parochial school where praying and sharing openly is okay. To put it simply, God working in my life has become my way of life.

Larry's extended family during Thanksgiving

How did you discover Abide?

I’m not positive but it may have been through the KLove App or website.

How long have you been using Abide for?

Probably a year and a half.

What’s your daily meditation routine look like? What time do you “Abide” and how do you use the app?

It is how I start my day. After dressing and feeding the dogs I pretty consistently spend 20-30 minutes with the daily meditation, reflection, and focus.

Aside from your morning meditation, are there other times you use Abide?

As a teacher in a parochial high school, I often begin my classes with a short Abide meditation. It is a really helpful resource. There are also times when a student is struggling, and a meditation is very helpful in comforting or giving positive direction.

Abide is something of a partner in my work as a teacher/mentor. I'm really grateful for what you've added to my life.

What has has changed in your life since you started using Abide?

I’m more structured and feel I have better direction in beginning my day.

What advice would you give others who want to start Christian meditation?

Abide is a great way to go.

In what unique situations have you used Abide? We'd love to hear your stories in the comments section. And to join the Abide meditation community, click the button below to download the app.