Abide Weekly Devotional: Joy in the Church

The Abide team does a group devotional focused on Abide's weekly theme. We read verses, listen to meditations, and reflect on how God is speaking to us. We're publishing these devotionals so you can use them as a resource for a Bible study or in your own quiet time. Enjoy!

TOPIC: Joy in the Church

We asked some of the team members about the topic and here's what they have to say:

What kind of sacrifices are you making for God? Do you feel like any of your sacrifices to God are shallow or empty? Are any of your sacrifices bearing fruit or bringing joy?

Eric: The sacrifice I could have made is to build a team, be more aggressive about seeing the vision happen. I don’t think about how to build a team more radically, leverage contractors better. I typically do more of the work myself.

Neil: Producing content some days seems like a shallow sacrifice where I’m just getting it done, other days it’s a great joy bringing God’s truth and righteousness to the community. My hope is to uplift Russ and support him in this project.

Joanna: The worldly monetary cost of being somewhere else, getting paid more. I could be better getting in touch with user experience, sometimes I don’t view my role as a ministry. I’m motivated by helping people but I’m not as in touch with the loves we are changing.

As time permits, listen to the meditations. Everybody can listen to a separate meditation or you can listen collectively as a group. The meditations for the different days are linked below, and the shortest version is 2 minutes long.

If you're in a group, take turns reading the week's Bible verses. Read the scriptures here

Watch Your Mouth James 3:9-10
Love Well 1 Corinthians 13:6-7
Joyful Obedience Psalm 119:10
Do What is Right Proverbs 21:3
Faithless King, Gracious God Isaiah 7:14
Abiding Love 1 John 4:14
The Essential Truth Matthew 1:21