Is prayer worth our time?

Are your days squeezed full with too much stuff to do? Do you ever feel like time with God ranks low on your list? If you feel that way, consider this: Do you treat prayer like something to do or is it a way of life?

Last year, Megan was going through a very hard and busy season. "Everything in my world was just horribly upside down," she said. "It was broken, painful, dark and scary." As she worked to straighten things out, she began to ask herself why prayer wasn't a priority on her list. When she reflected honestly, she wondered, "Why isn't prayer even on my list at all?"

Megan started approaching God honestly and consistently in prayer. She made two big changes in her prayer life. First, she made herself open to what God was saying and tried to communicate with God rather than be critical. She has opened her mind and heart to seek what God is doing and move alongside of that. "I’ve made the change to push away the bad and let in the good," she said.

Second, Megan decided to make prayer a regular part of her daily life. She listens Abide's daily prayer to kick off her prayer time and finds additional ones that speak to topics she's going through. Over time, talking to God started to become easier, more natural and even life-changing. "I can’t even put it into words, what God has done for me and my transformation," Megan says. With such powerful life impact, it's easy to see how prayer is not just a priority but a way of life.

Where is prayer on priority list? Do you have a minute to consider what God is doing in your life today? Pray with us that your day would be fruitful.

Pray today