Daily essentials for experiencing God in prayer

How would you rate your daily prayer life? Consider how often your daily prayer experience sounds like this:

  • I feel a deep closeness with God.
  • I am clearly guided by scripture and the Holy Spirit.
  • I am aware of the incredibly beautiful and rewarding things God is doing.
  • I feel God’s compassion for me and for others.
  • I’m transformed from the inside out by God’s Spirit.

If you’re like me, these can be rare and precious moments. I would love to ‘Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in all circumstances.’ But in reality, it's hard to focus and be disciplined when there’s so much else going on in life.

If you relate to this, try out the Guide to Daily Meditations: Essentials to jumpstart your prayer life by focusing you regularly and deeply on God's Word and Spirit. Each step will take you through a prayer from an important verse and Christian tradition. Some have been practiced by believers for thousands of years. Steps include Adoration, Thanksgiving, Confession, Need, Praying Scripture and more.

In Daily Meditations: Essentials, we’ve included important life questions alongside of scriptures so you can wrestle with God about your true feelings and needs. Sometimes you may have a lot of prayer requests and other times a lot to thank God for. Some days you may feel like you fall incredibly short and other days you may find that God is using you for incredible things. That’s normal. Whether you are in a high moment or a low one, Daily Meditations: Essentials can center you on God’s presence and purpose for you in each moment. Go through one step or more each day and repeat them regularly to focus yourself back on God’s scripture and Spirit.

Start building the habit of prayer today. To begin, open Abide’s Guides and choose ‘Daily Meditations: Essentials.

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