Christian Meditation Linked to Lower Stress, Insomnia and Depression

According to a new survey from Abide, people who practice guided Christian meditation report improved emotional health, including stress relief, better sleep and reduced depression. This supports
previous research that meditation has a number of emotional health benefits.

In April 2017, Abide surveyed 216 people who listened to guided Christian meditations. These meditations vary from 2 to 15 minute audio meditations with focused time reflecting on scripture. These are based on longstanding and popular practice that includes focused time reading scripture, reflecting and responding.

Key highlights
  • 94% of people with mild to chronic stress reported that Christian meditation reduced their stress. Over half said that it helped significantly.
  • 80% of people with mild to chronic insomnia said that Christian meditation helped them sleep better.

View the full findings here.

Examples of how guided Christian meditation has improved mental health:

  • “I just had breast cancer and I used it to help me focus and get through it.”
  • “It provides peace and tranquility during stressful commutes.”
  • “Provided an atmosphere of peace and serenity.”

About Abide

Abide, built by Carpenters Code in Silicon Valley, is the leading digital platform for Christian meditation reaching 4 million users in 210 countries. The daily guided meditations, led by members of the Abide team and prominent guest leaders, offer a range of topics and guides based upon Scripture and proven meditational practices. Available for free or $29.99 a year with premium content through iTunes or Google Play.

Media Contact
Stephanie Xavier