Be Anxious For Nothing: Review

My mind was BLOWN AWAY when I finished reading the last page. It made that big of an impact on my faith!

Max Lucado explains deep topics in such a smooth manner that it was a swift read. I love the fact he speaks about themes every Christian goes through -- suffering, pain, and depression -- and how God is in control, regardless of our situation.

This quick read addresses:

  1. The importance of abiding in Jesus during tribulation.
  2. The importance of prayer during trial.
  3. You have the power to choose on what to think about, positive or negative.
  4. Learn to be thankful during your struggle - there is something good that can come out of it.
  5. Realized how gracious and generous God is to us, regardless of our circumstances.
  6. Fret less and believe in Jesus more each day.

    This book is a MUST READ for all Christians-- regardless of your spiritual level. Undoubtedly, this book will help you find utmost joy in your life.

Get started now by finding your peace in life.