Day In The Life: Abide Partners With Grammy Award Winning Artist

Hi team! My last "Day in the Life of an Abider" blog received a lot of positive responses; many people said they love hearing what happens behind the scenes here. We're coming into summer now, so it's time for another preview into an Abide workday.

Earlier this summer I got to meet Mandisa- Christian Grammy Award winning artist, American Idol Finalist, and an Abide Super user. She recently released her latest album, Out of the Dark. To listen to her album, go here.

Hanging out and having fun

I attended a church event in Tracy, CA, where Mandisa and Lindsay Chapman Carroll did an informal Q&A session. Leah Carroll, Lindsay's four-year-old daughter, has health challenges. She has a rare blood disorder where bone marrow is unable to make normal white blood cells. The event also raised awareness for a bone marrow registry, Be The Match.

Despite her young age, Leah is an inspiration to many. She sang Mandisa's song in this video that went viral earlier this year!

Click the above image to watch Leah sing "Overcomer"

What I really appreciate about this event was the authenticity when Mandisa and Lindsay shared their stories. Both have had challenges in life that many people (at least I know myself!) can relate to- dealing with depression, caring for loved ones, walking through challenging relationships, and more. One quote that stood out from the evening-

The teacher is always quiet during the test.

Definitely food for thought- especially how Jesus is our teacher in life.

It was great to meet and chat with Mandisa, especially about upcoming ways we can collaborate. Mandisa originally found out about Abide through the YouVersion Bible app.

She's been sharing her favorite Abide meditations on social media, and our team has been encouraged by it.

For example, Mandisa really enjoys the children's prayer by Lana. Lana is the 8 year old daughter of Neil (Abide's founder). Lana was super excited when she found out Mandisa listened to her prayer!

Want to listen to Lana's prayer? Click the link the tweet!

One recent way Abide and Mandisa have collaborated is by releasing a "Meditate with Mandisa" series on Abide.

Click the above image to listen to Mandisa's "Out of the Dark" meditation

It was really fun working together on this meditations, and our team looks forward to more collaboration in the future.

Want to listen to the other meditations by Mandisa? Go to the Abide app and search for Mandisa under the author's section. You can also find other meditations for insomnia, depression, and more.