A Year In Review: How God Is Working At Abide

Hi Abide Members,

Last year was full of excitement and growth at Abide. We are sharing about what God has done in 2016 and what's in store for 2017.

After the Israelites crossed the Jordan river, they established a memorial through stones as a way to remember God's goodness. Similarly, at Abide we are setting these memorials stones for 2016- as a way to praise our Father.

Highlights From 2016:

1- The Abide community continues to grow.

  • God added nearly 2 million new people to the Abide family.
  • Over 1 million people subscribed to the 65 Abide reading plans on YouVersion, the Bible app.
  • We started an online prayer group where Abide members can connect and walk through life together.

2- People are going deeper in their relationship with God through prayer.

  • People spent over 1 million hours praying on Abide.
  • People have prayed over 14 million times on Abide.

3- Abide has provided more resources and tools to help people pray.

  • We added prayers that cover nearly 50% of the chapters in the entire Bible.
  • We developed prayer programs and guides that lead people through a series of focused prayer topics.
  • The most popular guide and prayer from 2016 was about Finding Purpose.
  • We have partnered with notable Christian ministries to offer spiritual resources to our members (i.e. devotionals, books, sermons, etc.).

Our company is three years old, and we thank God for where He's brought us. And we know there is more in store.

God calls us the prepare and plan for the future. Our team's vision is help people connect deeply with Christ, and we know there's much work ahead. We are ready. Here's what lies ahead.

Vision For 2017:

1- Grow the Abide prayer community even more.

  • We desire to point even more people to Christ. Many people find out about us through word-of-mouth and the You Version Bible app. There are many more people who can benefit from Abide.
  • We will partner with relevant organizations and ministries to help others.

2- Offer a richer prayer experience on Abide.

  • After hearing how our members want to deepen their relationship with God, we have added longer prayer reflections of 5, 10, and 15 minute lengths. We continue to develop this experience. Read more here.
  • You will be able to journal on the Abide app. You can respond to prayer guide reflection questions.

3- Provide relevant prayers to our members, as we continue to stay rooted in the word.

  • We will have prayers that address that issues our Abide members face- physical challenges, financial struggles, relationship hardships, and more.
  • We will add prayer guides dedicated to specific books of the Bible.

4- Explore other opportunities the Lord has.

  • There's always an element of surprise when following Christ! We're also open to where God wants to lead us. Our team has been discussing new ideas and ways to help people in their walk.

We thank you for being an Abide member. We wouldn't be where we are without you. If you're looking to see how you can support our ministry, read below.

How You Can Help:

  • SHARE. Tell your family, friends, church members, etc. about the Abide app. Encourage them to download. Share with people on social media, in person, and more.
  • ENGAGE. Continue to pray with Abide. Give us feedback on prayers and app features.
  • VOLUNTEER. Want to use your gifts to build the kingdom? Let us know!. We're always looking for volunteers to help with different things- creating videos, designing mobile features, leading prayer groups, etc.
  • GIVE. If God puts it on your heart to help our ministry (whether through finances, time, or resources), please let us know.
  • PRAY. More than anything, please pray for Abide. As we do God's work, we need your covering from spiritual attack. Please pray for wisdom, clarity, and favor from God. Ask that His will be done through Abide.

That's it for now, folks. We thank God for this provision thus far, and we eagerly await what's in store.

Any thoughts or reactions? Please let us know in the comments below.

In Christ,
The Abide Team

The Abide Leadership Team: Joanna, Eric, Neil, and Drew (from L to R)