A Child's School Prayer

Do you have a child that's going back to school? And are you preparing them not only with the right supplies and wardrobe, but with prayer?

The start of a new school year can be both an exciting and intimidating time as kids experience new relationships, joys and challenges.

“A Child’s School Prayer” on Abide is a collection of scriptures and prayers voiced by a child, helping both parents and kids to take on the new school year in God’s power and grace.  Listen to this first SAMPLE and then you can click HERE to get an email copy of the prayers you can print about anxiety, homework, body image, and bullying.

School is the place where we learn, where we spend time with friends, new and old. It’s also the place where face up to the very real challenges of life, where we confront our fears and anxieties. You and your child know these fears and anxieties. And if you take a moment to consider them all, it can all be so unnerving. Right?

They probably struggle this time of year over so many anxieties. Worries about new friends, hard work, and how others will feel about them.

What about school work...there’s so much of it, isn’t there? There are problems to solve, books to read, projects to complete. Though it doesn’t always feel like it, work is good.

And have you noticed the way television and our cell phones blast us with images? Advertisers tell us which clothes are the coolest, which shoes are the most stylish, and how our bodies should look. The pressure on our body image is magnified at school.

Bullying too is a very real issue. We are to love those to our left and our right, behind us and in front of us; these are our neighbors. But what about those who are cruel, or who bully us or others in school? Jesus doesn’t let us off the hook!

And then how can you help your child pray for their new friends. We are followers of Jesus’ way, which means we are to work hard, love God, love our neighbors, and even love our enemies. But how do we pray for our friends in school?

I hope you enjoy the Guide... “A Child’s School Prayer” on Abide. A beautiful and powerful collection of scriptures and prayers voiced and written by a child for kids and parents to prepare for school to start again. You can listen to these prayers throughout the school year to draw you and your child closer to God.

Do you want to PRINT a copy of this prayer for your children?

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Come along; bring your children. Let's learn to experience the abiding presence of God all around us.

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