7 Ways Alexa Can Help You Connect With God

I’m not sure if it’s the rapid growth of technology or vapid laziness of humans, but the popularity of Siri, Google, Cortana, and other smart sources of chatty virtual assistants are taking over the world – one phone, one computer, one home at a time.

With Amazon’s own holiday, Prime Day, in the rear-view mirror, we are all reminded of the amazing things Alexa (and her slightly diminutive alter-ego, Echo) can do for each of us.

For example, Alexa can quote movies. Alexa can help with the meaning of life. Ask her what is happiness, and she might play Pharrell's song. Ask Alexa where your keys are, and she will remind you to check under the couch.

From roasting everyone in your home, meowing to your cat, or hailing you a cab, Amazon’s Alexa must be the most diverse of virtual voices out there. But did you know she is also one of the most divine?

It’s true. Amazon has created a bionic theologian in Alexa. Here are 7 echo skills Alexa possesses to help you build up your own Bible knowledge.

  1. YouVersion – Our partner has created the most widely downloaded Bible app in the world. More than a quarter of a billion people now ask Alexa (in about 880 languages) about ‘The Great Commission,’ ‘The Romans Road,’ or ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.

  2. HarperCollins Devotionals – People known for inspiring others in books, videos, or pulpits around the world can do that from the comfort of your Echo Dot thanks to Alexa.

  3. Saints Quotes – No, football has nothing to do with this hack list. Interested in some motivational muse from Mother Teresa or even St. Valentine some sweet day in February? Benevore developed this interesting skill for Alexa to bless you.

  4. Faith Heroes – Marvel and DC Comics have taken over gaming, clothing, and viewing everywhere. If only our children knew about the superheroes of the Bible (outside of Bibleman, of course). Thanks to Alexa, and this fun app, they can.

  5. Daily Hope – Turns out Alexa is good friends with best-selling author and pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren. This Echo acumen will allow Alexa to offer daily pieces of inspirational insight from one of the nation’s most respected Christian leaders.

  6. 12 Tribes – Anyone in your family interested in ancestry? Do you kids want to make a family tree but have no branches? We all came from somewhere and now, Alexa can tell you where thanks to this app that shares with you amazing facts about the 12 Tribes of Israel.

  7. Abide – Yes, even Alexa can help you find a place of peace and a corner of concentration for your walk with Christ. With Alexa and Abide, you can benefit from a moment of Christian meditation and prayer every day.

How do you use Alexa to help you brush up on the Bible? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share it with us in the comments or social media through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.