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5 Powerful Prayers That Actually Work

Whether you’re a long-time follower of Jesus or just beginning to grow your relationship with God, prayer grounds us in the power, protection, and guidance of the Holy Spirit. These five powerful prayers that work are each designed to bring you closer to God while easing fears, calming an anxious mind, healing your inner wounds, or increasing your faith in Jesus’ plan. As you pray these prayers with us, may you feel God’s presence, grow more confident in His plan, and watch your life change before your eyes.

1. Bedtime Prayer to Ease a Worried Mind

End your day with this short, peaceful sleep meditation, designed to help you be still in God’s love and personal protection. As you listen to this powerful prayer, you’ll feel closer to God—wrapped in his strong, loving arms, as you drift off to sleep. If you struggle with anxiety or racing thoughts before bed, this prayer will remind you to be comforted by his presence, confident in his protection, and calmed by his peace. Click play below and let us pray over you, as you drift off to sleep.

2. Prayer for Anxiety

This quick, yet powerful anxiety prayer is perfect for soothing everyday worries, calming an anxious mind, or stopping a panic attack in its tracks. As you pray, lay your fears at God’s feet and ask him for complete and total healing from every worry and anxiety. Originally featured on @abideisprayer, this quick video can be easily saved on Instagram, so you’re always just a click away from a fast-acting anxiety prayer. To listen, just hit play below. Be sure to follow @abideisprayer on Instagram and hit the bookmark icon to save this prayer to your profile!

3. A Prayer to Renew Your Confidence in God

The world is full of choices to make. Let go of the frustration, anxiety, and stress of daily life by placing your confidence in the Lord with this Abide meditation. Take a moment to breathe and pray over God’s plan for you. You’ll be reminded to put all of your confidence in his plans—centering yourself in his presence and power and thanking God for his steadfastness. Despite life’s unreliable nature, let us pray together over God’s unwavering and reliable love and presence in your life. Click play below to start listening to this meditation and renew your confidence in God; opening your heart and mind as he guides you through life.

4. A Prayer for Inner Healing

In this Abide podcast, experience God’s healing through a prayer meditation with Dr. Peggy Elliot, a minister of inner healing and deliverance. If you struggle to share your true feelings—masking your real emotions, then let’s pray together. If you’re tired of saying yes when you really want to say no, click play below to listen to this powerful prayer for inner healing. If you liked this prayer, be sure to subscribe to Abide’s Christian Healing Prayers Podcast.

5. Pray by Faith

In Jeremiah 32:17, we’re reminded, “Ah, Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you.” As you meditate on these words, remember a time when you weren’t sure what God was doing in your life. Click play and let’s pray together over God’s great and mighty plan for us, since nothing is too difficult for him.

As you listen to each of these powerful prayers, let us know in the comments how Jesus is working in your life through prayer. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, renewing your faith in his great plan, or strengthening your relationship with the Lord, we hope these prayers help you to live better in Christ’s peace.

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