Cross against a brown background for Good Friday

5 Powerful Good Friday Prayers to Meditate On

On Good Friday, we remember that Jesus took the ultimate sacrifice for us—willingly dying on the cross to save our sins. While the term “good” is somewhat misleading, since it’s the day of Jesus’ awful death and suffering, it marks the beginning of God’s fantastic plan to save all of us from our sins. That’s definitely good news. As Holy Week comes to an end, reflect on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, while meditating on the good news of Jesus’ promise to all of us with these five powerful Good Friday prayers.

1. A Prayer for Your Conflicted Heart

Good Friday can be a rather conflicting day for many. While we remember the awful pain and suffering that Jesus went through, we are also reminded that Jesus freely and fully gave himself to us, which is quintessential goodness. Click play below to listen to our newest Passion Week meditation. Let’s pray together over the words of Luke 23:34.

2. A Story of Jesus’ Last Day

While it’s not a traditional Holy Week story, this is the story of Nathaniel—a struggling young man who hugged Jesus. As you remember Jesus’ greatest sacrifice this Friday, celebrate the love, selflessness, and healing ministry of Jesus. The same love that the Holy Spirit continues to surround us with every day, despite our worst sins. Feel Jesus’ ever-present hug, as you listen to this story. If you liked this meditation, be sure to subscribe to our podcast to get access to all our latest Bible Dramas.

3. A Prayer to Start Your Friday Morning

Become a part of the story of that sullen morning thousands of years ago—Jesus’ last day on earth. Spend those last precious moments with Jesus before he took the greatest sacrifice for our sins. You’ll walk together, pray together, and hear his final words to all of us. As you meditate with us, imagine that you were there on his last day on this earth. It’s a retelling of Jesus’ crucifixion like you’ve never heard it before. Click play to listen now and become a part of the story.

4. A Prayer About the Cross

From jewelry to art to home décor, we’re surrounded by reminders of the cross daily. Unfortunately, amidst the chaos of life, we rarely stop and think about what the cross truly means. On Good Friday, let’s pause and remind ourselves that the cross signifies eternal forgiveness, as Jesus gave his life for us on the cross. Click play and let’s pray together—thanking Jesus for everything the cross has given us, today and for eternal life.

5. A Prayer for Better Sleep

You’ve probably heard or read the story of Easter hundreds of times, but it is a story that we’ll never grow tired of. Use the imagination of the spirit and settle into the presence of God this Friday night with the story of Easter, as told by Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. Fall asleep to one of the greatest stories of all time, and wake up rejuvenated and excited to celebrate the great news of Christ’s resurrection on Sunday!

As you enter this Easter weekend, we hope you find peace and comfort in these prayers as you meditate on all the good that comes with Good Friday.

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