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5 Breathing Tips to Reduce Stress and Fall Asleep

Take a deep breath right now. Think about how your body feels as you inhale slowly, then let it out. Deep breathing brings our body back to a place of calm, and it’s a great way to keep your stress levels down. Whether you’re centering yourself before a big day, struggling with anxiety, or simply looking for hope, deep breathing calms your mind and your body – helping you to relax. Not only can mindful breathing reduce stress, but it can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as reduce depression and manage pain. Follow along with these breathing exercises to reduce stress and fall asleep faster. For more breathing strategies, download the Abide App for access to all of our new breathing content.

1. Belly Breathing with Lolo Jones

She’s a three-time Olympian with three World Champion titles, but like so many of you, Lolo Jones uses Abide meditations to get her through some of life’s toughest hurdles. This week, we announced that we’re teaming up with Lolo to bring you exclusive breathing content. Click play and follow along as Lolo takes you through her everyday go-to belly breathing exercise for centering yourself and focusing on what’s in front of you by bringing you closer to God. As you close your eyes and relax into your breathing, feel the stress of your day or the chaos of your week melt away. 

2. Breathe Hope

This is a simple practice for hope – the hope that can only come from the Lord. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, allow your body to absorb the feeling of hope. As you follow along with this deep breathing exercise, inhale God’s assurance and release whatever’s holding you back. Click play and take a moment to embrace the love Jesus has for you as you breathe hope.

3. Panic Attack Breathing

If you struggle with feelings of anxiety and panic, bookmark this breathing exercise, so you always have it close by. While uncomfortable, these feelings of panic are fleeting. As you listen, present your requests to God – reminding your brain that you’re going to be okay. Hold your breath, filling your belly deep with air, and follow along with Tyler Boss, as he guides you in this faith-centered exercise for releasing anxiety.

4. Deep Breathing

Sit down, ground yourself in a comfortable place, and click play on this guided deep breathing exercise. As you become aware of your breath, try breathing deeper and slower – counting as you inhale and exhale. Notice how much calmer you feel, as you imagine God’s light and love fill your body with each breath. If your mind wanders – it’s okay, just bring your awareness right back to your breath.

5. Anxiety Relief with Lolo Jones

When overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, Lolo Jones turns to breath to find a place of peace. In this guided breathing tutorial, Lolo shares her favorite breathing exercises to calm an anxious mind and experience long-term relief from anxiety. Find a place to lie down, click play, and close your eyes, as you follow along with Lolo and wait for the Lord’s freedom from fear. For more content like this, be sure to subscribe to Abide’s Meditation Channel on YouTube.

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or hopeless, work your way through these guided breathing exercises. Let us know in the comments how breathing has helped you feel more centered in God’s love.

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